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Speaking Testimonials


Fantastic presentation! 

Lori-Ann inspired our group to work hard, aim high, and view tough times as a chance to find their real character.

Heidi Bates

Alberta Lacrosse

A riveting presenter. 

Lori-Ann’s personal references and stories make her easy to relate to.

Jeannette Mensink

BOMA Edmonton

Powerful and raw.

Lori-Ann speaks from the heart as one has when they’ve been to battle, with others, and with oneself.  Lori-Ann helped us realize that the struggle is real and that we don’t have to go it alone.

Kimberly Knull

Registered Psychologist Co-Founder, Executive Director - Momentum Walk-In Counselling Society

Cycling Testimonials


Focusing on a relaxed upper body with bent elbows last winter saved my neck and allowed me to ride longer than I had in the past. I got more miles in this year!


Tuesday morning spin classes are a highlight of my week. I always feel AWESOME after doing your class!


Thanks to you Lori-Ann for that time in early 2017 when you asked us all to bring in our helmets to check them out. Because of you, I was wearing a very good, a very new and a very expensive helmet while cycling this week. Although I have no memory of what happened Tuesday afternoon after my crash, there is a good chance that my being here today is a result of that helmet.


One Gear, No Breaks

Lori-Ann Muenzer’s Ride to Belief, 
Belonging, and a Gold Medal

One Gear, No Breaks is Lori-Ann Muenzer’s exhilarating, straight-from-the heart and no-holds-barred message about motivation and discipline, about and what it means to believe in a dream. . . but mostly about believing in yourself.